There are numerous books that are useful for further understanding of scripture. I gained a lot of insight from many of these books during my years of theological training. Many were on the list of required reading for the different courses, and a lot more i came across and found interesting.    A list (not exhaustive) of books and links to online sources are provided here to stimulate the interest of readers.

Book description, editorial and customer reviews are usually available at www.amazon.com , www.amazon.ca, www.chapters.indigo.ca, www.cruxbooks.com and some other online book stores              

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in these books are entirely the respective authors' and the reader needs to be cognizant of their inevitable biases.                                                                



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    1.How to think Theologically - Howard W. STone and James O. Duke  
 Yoruba Bibles    




 Interlinear Bible     2.Spiritual Theology: A Systematic Study of the Christian Life - Simon Chan  


      3. Old Testament Survey: The Message, Form, and Background of the Old Testament  - William Sanford LaSor, David Allan Hubbard, Frederic William Bush  http://www.amazon.com/Old-Testament-Survey-Message-Background/dp/0802837883  
      4. The Writings of the New Testament: An Interpretation - Luke Timothy Johnson                 http://www.amazon.com/Writings-New-Testament-Interpretation/dp/080063439X  




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