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 Useful Links     “Behold, aren’t all these who speak Galileans? How do  
      we hear, everyone in our own native language? .........  
 Book Reviews     we hear them speaking in our languages the mighty works  
       of God!”   Acts 2: 7 - 11    (World English Bible)            
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               Yoruba translation coming   Christianity is a translating religion.  
 Home         The aim of this web site is to conduct  
 Yoruba Bibles      Bible study in the Yoruba language  
     in order to facilitate hearing the word  
     of God "in our own native language".  
                                                                    launched today - Pentecost Sunday May 27, 2007  
                                    Dedicated to the memory of Bishop Samuel Ajayi Crowther  
 Interlinear Bible        



  Know how to WRITE it,  
      Know how to  READ it,  
          Know how to SPEAK it.  

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